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This is a QGIS plugin which enables automatic survey form creation from GIS layers and uploading to ODK aggregate server. User can import existing data into GIS layers or enable sync with regular interval.

Welcome to QRealTime plugin


QRealTime Plugin allows you to:

Getting Started



Installation steps:

  1. Open Plugin Manager and search for QRealTime plugin and install it.
  2. And restart QGIS so that changes in environment take effect.


From the main menu choose Plugins –> QRealTime –> QRealTime Setting
Here you have two tabs one for Aggregate and another for KoboToolbox Choose one of the tab and Enter url (required). Other fields are optional.
You can create free account in KoboToolbox server and if you want to install your own aggregate server, then visit

Right click over any existing layer –> QRealTime and choose desired option:
Make Online (To Create new form), import (to import data of existing form), sync(to automatically update your layer)
If you want to import data from already existing form (created without using our plugin) do ensure that the name of the geometry field is ‘GEOMETRY’,’location’ or ‘gps. Other geometry field names are currently not supported.

QRealTime plugin is capable of converting QGIS layer into data collection form. To design a data collection form for humanitarian crisis, we have to create appropriate vector layer. For the demonstration purpose, you can create the shapefile with following fields:

If you are not sure how to create value map in QGIS, Visit this link
The following video demonstrates, how to use the QRealTime Plugin: